Private transport

Private transport

Would you like to arrange a courier as a private person for the transport of goods or perhaps a move? Request a no-obligation quote!

As a private individual, you may have to transport goods to a destination in Europe. Or maybe you are going to import goods to the Netherlands. In any case, it is also possible for private individuals to provide this. Whether you need to import a number of pallets to the Netherlands or are moving to the Czech Republic, TransUrgent has several options for you. Whether it concerns an urgent transport or a regular courier service, simply request a no-obligation quote for the possibilities.

Almost all destinations in Europe are possible for private individuals. Unfortunately, we have no options to countries or islands where the courier has to reach the destination by sea freight. This is because the goods leave the European Union, as it were, and customs documents therefore have to be drawn up. A courier service to the United Kingdom is possible. This is due to the Eurotunnel between France and the United Kingdom.

Simply request a no-obligation quote for private transport

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Conditions for private transport

To ensure that the transport runs smoothly, we have a number of conditions that must be met. All of these conditions must be met, they cannot be deviated from. When you meet all the conditions, this almost always guarantees problem-free transport.


- The (personal) goods must be packaged for transport.

- The loading and unloading area must be accessible with a transporter or box truck.

- The transporter / box truck can stop at the loading and unloading address without (partially) blocking the public road.

- When loading and unloading, you must take care of the people who load or unload the truck. The driver will not help with this.

- Transport takes place at your own risk.

- The transport costs are paid in advance.

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A quick no-obligation quote

You will receive a no-obligation quote from us within 30 minutes. You will receive this in our customer portal, which you will also receive direct access to.

On the road in just a few hours

Your shipment can, if necessary, be on its way to its destination within a few hours. Depending on the loading and unloading location, delivery can even be made today!

Quickly on the road
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