Courier Belgium

Courier Belgium

The TransUrgent department of TransHeroes provides emergency transports to Belgium every day. TransUrgent has an extensive network of couriers who can be at your door within a few hours. Our courier can also quickly pick up goods from Belgium and deliver them in the Netherlands!

Quote in 30 minutes
Receive a no-obligation quote within 30 minutes
Quickly en-route
A courier can be at your door within a few hours
Guaranteed loading and unloading times
This way you know exactly when we will be loading and unloading
Without worries from A to B
You will have your own contact person and portal
For Business

Quote in 30 minutes

After requesting your quote, our urgent transport specialists will start working for you immediately. Thanks to our extensive network, we almost always have a fast and qualitative solution for your shipment. That is why we can also provide you with a quote within 30 minutes. This way you know immediately what it will cost and when we will load and unload. Our independent position guarantees the most suitable solution for an affordable rate.

Thanks to our well-organized courier service Belgium, we can guarantee that a courier will be at your door within a few hours. Whether it concerns the collection of goods from Belgium or the delivery of goods, our courier to Belgium does it quickly and cheaply! In addition, you will receive your own contact person who will keep you constantly informed of the progress. You can easily chat live with this contact person in our portal.

Request easily a no-obligation quote

You will receive a response from us within 30 minutes!

Courier service Belgium with TransUrgent

When you choose TransUrgent, all destinations in Belgium are possible. Our courier service is not limited to the more famous locations and runs throughout Belgium. For urgent transport Belgium, up to 10 Euro pallets or 1500 KG can be transported with one shipment. From the moment you give us the confirmation, we will ensure that the courier is immediately on its way to the loading location if necessary. For example, we can often deliver the goods to the destination the same day. With our many years of experience, we can therefore call ourselves a real emergency transport specialist!

Quotation in 30 minutes or by telephone

When you request a no-obligation quote, we will immediately get to work for you to look at the options. In most cases, we will send you a no-obligation quote for your urgent transport to Belgium within 30 minutes. Can't wait 30 minutes for the quote with options? Then contact us directly by telephone. You will immediately hear what is possible and an estimate of the transport costs.

Guaranteed loading and unloading times

We use guaranteed loading and unloading times for urgent transport from or to Belgium. This way you know exactly when our courier will load and unload Belgium. In many cases we can even unload the same day at the destination. Thanks to our extensive network, we always have a solution that suits your specific shipment. This way you are guaranteed the right quality and an affordable rate.

The specialist for urgent transport Belgium

TransUrgent is part of the TransHeroes Smart Logistics Provider. With the underlying business units, each of which has its own specialism, we have many years of experience with transport throughout Europe and far beyond. Over the years, TransUrgent has provided many urgent shipments to Belgium and other locations in Europe. Our transport specialists will help you with your specific urgent transport.


Quotation within 30 minutes

After requesting your non-binding quote, you will receive a no-obligation quote from us within half an hour. Can't wait 30 minutes? Then contact our specialists by telephone. You will then immediately hear what the options are!

A courier at the door within a few hours

After booking your urgent transport, a courier can be at the door within a few hours. Our courier to Belgium can often deliver the goods to the place of destination the same day

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Flexible and fast

Depending on your specific transport, we choose the most suitable solution. Our courier to Belgium can transport a maximum of 10 Euro pallets or 1500 KG. We can therefore transport a single pallet as well as larger volumes urgently from or to Belgium.

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