Would you like your shipment to be on its way within a few hours and delivered to its destination in no-time at all? Not only does TransUrgent offer highly competitive rates by delivering the shipment on a single trip basis, but you will also receive a customised quotation by email for your urgent transport within just 30 minutes. Our quotation will also inform you of our guaranteed loading and unloading times. It couldn’t be better could it?

The strength of TransUrgent lies in the fact that, across the length and breadth of Europe, our couriers are on the starting blocks. Regardless of whether you require urgent transport from Poland to Greece, or from Portugal to Norway. You will be surprised just how quickly our courier can be at the loading site and even more surprising will be the period of time in which this urgent shipment reaches its destination.

** Unique in the world of couriers: you pay only ‘one way’! We will pay for the return shipment! **

Because of the large number of urgent shipments across Europe, you will benefit from the fact that, at TransUrgent, you will only pay for your kilometres. Do you require urgent transport from the Netherlands to Austria? You would then only pay for that trip; we will schedule a different shipment for the courier from Austria to a different European destination.  This means that we travel criss-cross throughout Europe.

About TransUrgent

TransUrgent - Urgent & Express TransportTransUrgent – Urgent & Express Transport is a business unit of TTS Quality Logistics based in Hengelo. TTS is a logistics service provider, which has been in transit throughout Europe since 1986. You will therefore benefit from a stable company with a proven track record in the world of transport and logistics. If your urgent transport has to go to a destination where customs documents are required, that isn’t a problem either! TTS has an in-house Customs Division and your customs or export documents can be completed immediately. If, in addition to your urgent transport you also have shipments which have to be delivered within the usual transit times, why not contact TTS Quality Logistics; you will be amazed by the services we provide.

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TransUrgent® | Urgent & Express transport

You have an urgent shipment within Europe and don’t want to pay to much? Contact us immediately and your cargo will be loaded within a couple of hours. Or ask your quotation online and receive a customised reply within 30 minutes, with garanteed loading and unloading times. Just put it to the test!