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TransUrgent is part of the TransHeroes Smart Logistics Provider. By working as an independent forwarding agent, we offer high quality at an affordable price. As a forwarder, we always know what the best solution is for every type of transport and every destination!

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TransUrgent is your specialist

TransUrgent specializes in urgent transports and courier services to destinations throughout Europe and aims to deliver excellent performance in the field of urgent and urgent transport.

History of TransUrgent

TransUrgent was actually created by customer wishes. The team behind TransUrgent increasingly received requests from customers to bring a few pallets or a machine to a final destination in Europe with great urgency. As a result, a network has been built up with couriers throughout Europe.

Bas ter HuurneKoos Bossink

TransUrgent is your independent forwarding agent

TransUrgent is a forwarding agent and therefore has an independent position and an extensive network of carriers. Simply request a no-obligation quote for your urgent transport or courier.

Your urgent transport arranged from start to finish
The right price-quality ratio
Independent position
Customer portal and your own contact person
Extensive knowledge of country, culture & laws and regulations

Everything is possible, with us as a forwarder

Because TransUrgent works as a forwarding agent, we are not limited by the availability of our own equipment and we can always choose the most suitable solution. We also have an extensive network of couriers and carriers, which guarantees you the right price-quality ratio.

Carefree transport Quote in 30 minutes On the road within hours The right price-quality ratio


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You can see all types of transport from TransUrgent here.

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You can find everything you want to know before booking here.

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We are always close and accessible

Wegtersweg 1, 7556 BP Hengelo, The Netherlands

TransUrgent is unique

The strength of TransUrgent is characterized by intensive cooperation with various express transporters and couriers, spread all over Europe. This makes it possible that a courier can be made available within a few hours, anywhere in Europe. Due to the large purchasing volume and wide availability, TransUrgent can offer a unique concept: the customer pays for transport on a single trip basis. So you only pay for the transport of your goods to the destination, and TransUrgent takes care of the return freight. Unique in the courier world!

TransUrgent is part of TransHeroes

TransUrgent is part of the TransHeroes Smart Logistics Provider. As a result, TransUrgent has its own customs department and as a customer you get access to the TransHeroes portal. In the TransHeroes portal you can see the current status of your shipment, chat live with your contact person and book new transports.

Quotation in 30 minutes and en-route within 3 hours

After requesting a quote, you will receive a no-obligation quote from us within 30 minutes. You immediately know what the options are and what it will cost you. A courier can also be at the door within 3 hours to collect the shipment.

Our specialists

At TransUrgent you get your own contact person. Your contact person is a specialist in urgent transport and courier services for destinations within Europe. Your contact person is always available for all your questions or comments!

Koen Staarman
Koen Staarman
Urgent transport Specialist

In his early twenties, Koen already had experience as a truck driver and planning. When Koen puts on his real Twente accent, some people will have trouble understanding him...

Peter Veelers
Peter Veelers
Urgent Transport Specialist

Peter, also such a person with a lot of experience. A real hard worker who has brought a lot of knowledge and experience to TransHeroes. Soon your contact person for your road transport?

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