About TransUrgent

TransUrgent – Urgent & Express Transport ® is a registered trading name of TTS Quality Logistics B.V. and its aim is to deliver outstanding performance in Express and Urgent transport throughout Europe. The strength of TransUrgent is characterised by an intensive partnership with various express hauliers and couriers, across the length and breadth of Europe. This means that, within a few hours, a courier can be made available from anywhere in Europe. Because of the large purchase volume and the widespread availability, TransUrgent can offer a unique concept: the customer pays the transport based on a single trip. You will therefore only pay the outward journey and TransUrgent will be responsible for the return freight. Unique in the world of couriers!


TransUrgent - Urgent & Express TransportThe formation of TransUrgent

TransUrgent was actually formed in response to customers’ requirements. The team behind TransUrgent were increasingly being asked by customers to carry a few pallets or a machine with utmost urgency to a destination in Europe. This resulted in a network of couriers being built up throughout Europe. Through the intensive collaboration with these couriers, TransUrgent offers the option to transport all types of shipments up to the weight of 1,500 kg and with unlimited dimensions with our dedicated transport service throughout Europe. It is useful to know that, in terms of the foregoing, it doesn’t matter where the shipment has to be loaded or where the shipment has to be sent to within Europe. Across the length and breadth of Europe, our couriers are on the starting blocks to load shipments. You will be surprised just how quickly we can transport your urgent shipment.


About TTS Quality Logistics B.V.

TTS-Logo-e1429258634696.pngAs TransUrgent is part of TTS Quality Logistics B.V., you can be assured that a professional party is behind things. TTS Quality Logistics has been around since 1986 and is a logistics service provider with three specialisms: Transport, Warehousing and Customs. TTS is therefore also able to help you with mainstream transportation. A high level of service and personal contact are at the heart of both TransUrgent and TTS. All transport is insured in accordance with the CMR conditions for international transport. Would you like additional insurance? Not a problem. Ask the transport planners about the various options.

TransUrgent® | Urgent & Express transport

You have an urgent shipment within Europe and don’t want to pay to much? Contact us immediately and your cargo will be loaded within a couple of hours. Or ask your quotation online and receive a customised reply within 30 minutes, with garanteed loading and unloading times. Just put it to the test!